We are
LIT Games. Our company was founded in 2020 by three gaming industry professionals:
Nikita Okan
Mikhail Babin
Dmitry Plokhov
We are
LIT Games. Our company was founded in 2020 by three gaming industry professionals:
Dmitry Plokhov
Nikita Okan
Mikhail Babin
players worldwide
hours of unique stories
employees worldwide
We are involved in developing interactive story games and believe in the growth of this field.
A great number of new games with a mix of various mechanics will be appearing in the market every year.
This allows us to create new subgenres and strong brands with the help of interactive stories.
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Our offices
Aram street 82/84, 0002
11, Limassol Avenue, Galatariotis Building, 2nd Floor, 2112
Content Guidelines
We prohibit
Last updated on on 6/25/2022
Any content promoting hatred of others based upon race, ethnicity, religion, physical appearance and/or ability, gender, age, and/or sexual orientation.
Any content related to extremism and terrorism.
Any content that encourages or promotes sexual violence.
Any content that encourages or promotes self-harm.
Any content that promotes and encourages bullying, threats, and harassment.
Detailed descriptions of realistic violence.
Explicit sex scenes.
Frequent profanity and rude humor.
Frequent usage of alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs and narcotics.
Scenes depicting self-harm.
In addition, there are a few basic guidelines that all of our games must adhere to, no matter what country the content is produced for.
Our games are created for players from all over the world. For this reason, we take into account any content limitations in different countries. All age restrictions and recommendations for our games can be found in the descriptions on our app pages.
Code of Conduct
We support inclusivity and activities towards creating a safe cultural environment in which different groups of people feel like themselves and have equal opportunities for their professional progress.
We are committed to working towards preventing abuse of power in any form by keeping our work environment free from discrimination and harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment and intimidation.
We protect and promote diversity and inclusiveness of our game content.
We support freedom of speech and creative expression but we do hold our partners, writers, and colleagues to high standards. In the Content Guidelines, you can find our guidelines containing detailed information on what content is, in fact, inappropriate for our game.
Our games are played by people worldwide, which is why we produce games in accordance with ethical standards and age restrictions in different countries.
You can find an overview of age guidelines for various apps here: Google, Apple.
Our employees and partners live in different parts of the globe, and we always consider their opinions and differences in culture and legal systems when creating new games.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions! With our joint effort, we will solve everything really fast
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